Retail Partners

Engaging retail and law enforcement leaders to promote public-private sector partnerships.

Promoting information sharing and engagement of local, state and national partners to form public-private sector partnerships to combat retail crime.

RetaiLPartners, Loss Prevention
RetaiLPartners, Loss Prevention

About Us

RetaiLPartners is a Los Angeles based retail loss prevention and security strategy consulting firm. We promote the engagement of local, state and national leaders to form public-private sector partnerships, through information sharing, direct meetings, social media and actively engaging community members.

Our work is founded on a rigorous understanding of how to combat shoplifting, employee theft, organized retail crime (ORC), fraud and homeland security challenges.

The group was founded by Joseph LaRocca (full bio), who served as the Vice President and Senior Advisor to the National Retail Federation; director of loss prevention for the Walt Disney Company's, Disney Stores; and advisor to several government entities. LaRocca is a nationally recognized speaker, media resource and intermediary between retailers and law enforcement groups across the country.

For media or speaking inquiries, please feel free to contact us directly.